Sunday, April 4, 2010

Discover Whitewater - Geocache #GC1DHXN

After a satisfying meal, we decided to set out on a search for the Geocache #GC1DHXN called "Discover Whitewater". This cache is listed as easy, but Geobeagle had me all turned around and heading in multiple directions. I must of had another GPS app running and interfering with Geobeagle's directions, cuz were were all over between the park on Trip Lake and downtown. We finally got close but wasted a lot of time in the entry way to the bank where an ATM is located. There is a magazine rack hanging on the wall, filled with travel brochures, across from the ATM. We thought maybe the cache was behind or in that rack. It wasn't.

When we stepped out of the bank, Dani spotted the cache. I won't disclose much more. Don't want to totally spoil the adventure for some other geocacher.

After we found GC1DHXN we ran to the Eastsider for drinks and when we came back out, it was sprinkling, so we decided not to seek out GC21R29.

On the way home, I got on the radio and heard from K0RPL who was on his way back to Green Bay after visiting his girlfriend, who just got her callsign; KC9RYA. The conversation was soon joined by K9LGU and AB9KL. They all helped me resolve a problem I had with a tone being sent out by my radio every time I keyed up. K0RPL knew the problem could be corrected by pushing the little button in the lower left corner.